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Better decisions... faster
Market Measurement helps executives and market research professionals
make better decisions ...faster.

More than 30 years designing, implementing and managing
market research studies for over 425 clients, representing a highly
diverse mix of industries. This enables us to identify trends and
integrate unique market perspectives into the research process,
results and recommendations.

Translating information
into actions

Committed to providing clients with both high quality information
and specific recommendations for action plans.
Better decisions ...faster.


Virtually all 425 organizations served by Market Measurement
contacted our firm as a result of client referrals
. . . arguably the best indicator of quality.


Every key research task is directly managed by a Market
Measurement consultant with at least 20 years of research
consulting experience, without delegation to less experienced
or less qualified personnel.

Cost effective

Long term strategic partnerships with six domestic U.S.
and four international subcontractors, each specializing in
data collection and data processing, enable Market Measurement
to reduce research costs through competitive bidding
while ensuring high quality.

Rapid turnaround

Through our strategic partnerships, Market Measurement
always has the capability to provide rapid turnaround on research
engagements of virtually any magnitude. Better decisions ...faster.

Depth and breadth of
research capabilities

Our breadth of experience enables us to utilize a wide range
of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, supplemented
by a broad array of analytical tools.

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